Since established in 2005 Zam Zam International has been a key player in the market for procuring new and used drilling equipment to satisfy the customer requirements. We deal in all types of equipment and drilling supplies. We provide packaged service from ordering through to the complete shipping of the products to the specific country of delivery requirements

What we do?

We are a leading company in the EMEA region with extensive links throughout the world for procurement and supply of new and used drilling equipment. We also provide services in the following Engineering sectors

No matter what type of drilling equipment requirement you have, we are here to help. Submit your query today to have a prompt response

20 Years of Experience

We have vast experience of handling complex customer requirements

A Continuous Improvement Company

We believe in always striving for better and to continuously improve. Our Engineering services in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering are based on the fundamental principles of Lean Six Sigma

Registered Business

We are registered with the chamber of commerce and  industry in Asia. We are also registered with Company House United Kingdom for our European market

Time is Money

Since we were established we have delivered numerous projects throughout the world saving cost and time for the customers business

Honest & Dependable

Integrity and Ethics are among our core values. Our customers feedback resonates our honesty

Professional Workers

We have a professional team with multiple and varying competencies. We have skill sets covering sales, marketing and engineering. Every team member have at least 10+ years of experience in the industry

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For Business: See our equipment for sales section. We will be happy to have your interest and Business. We are open 24/7 throughout the year. Every query will be answered within 2-8 hours
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